I’m Tim Watson, a documentary film editor, writer, and producer in New Orleans.

Collaborating with directors to develop compelling stories, I’ve worked on many films, including:


Editor and co-writer, The Precipice, 2023, directed by Ben Johnson

Editor, Cross Eyed, 2021, directed by Amit Desai

Editor, co-producer, and co-writer, City of a Million Dreams, 2021, directed by Jason Berry

Advising editor, Mossville: When Great Trees Fall, 2019, directed by Alex Glustrom

Consulting editor, Buckjumping, 2018, directed by Lily Keber

Advising editor and editor of book content, Fess Up, 2018

Co-editor, Everything Is To Be Continued, 2015, directed by Lily Keber

Advising editor, Big Charity: The Death of America’s Oldest Hospital, 2014, directed by Alex Glustrom

Editor and co-producer, Campo to B.C., 2014, directed by Alex Vlacos

Co-editor and co-writer, Bayou Maharajah, 2013, directed by Lily Keber

Editor, Taste of Place, (short-form documentary series, 80 episodes), 2010-11, directed by Francis James

Co-producer and co-editor, The Music’s Gonna Get You Through, 2010, directed by Gabrielle Mullem

Supervising producer and co-editor, Bury The Hatchet, 2010, directed by Aaron Walker

Co-editor, Walker Percy: A Documentary Film, 2010, directed by Win Riley

Editor, Vows of Silence, 2008, directed by Jason Berry

Editor, Member Of The Club, 2008, directed by Phoebe Ferguson

Co-producer and editor, By Invitation Only, 2006, directed by Rebecca Snedeker

Co-producer and editor, A Player To Be Named Later, 2005, directed by Bart Stephens

Co-producer and co-editor, Desire, 2005, directed by Julie Gustafson

Editor and co-writer, Shalom Y’All, 2002, directed by Brian Bain

Editor, Ruthie The Duck Girl, 1999, directed by Rick Delaup


I graduated from Loyola University and was Program Director at

New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC) from 1990-1996.

Through my company Ariel Montage, Inc., I’ve worked to facilitate independent filmmaking.

Contact me here: timothypwatson — at — gmail.com.